About The Company

The Idea and Concept

When I visited Dalian, China in 2013, I first noticed pollution masks being worn by thousands of people. It intrigued me, as these people were suddenly faceless and seemingly devoid of personality and mood. I felt that a face mask, with your “Real Face”, printed on the front, would add Joy and Fun to the busy, hectic and sometimes dusty and polluted city street environment. It could personalize the more serious environments, such as Hospitals, Dental Offices and even Nail Salons, where masks are necessary for good hygiene and sanitary practices. So I started a mask company.

Now that we in the United States need to wear masks, with our current Covid-19 pandemic guidelines in effect, our masks are perfect, timely and affordable.


They are 100% Certified Organic Cotton, washable and re-usable with or without real faces printed on the masks. They serve to cover the necessary protective masks in healthcare and can be a desirable upgrade for the required cloth or paper masks, now used in most public retail environments. The Fun and Calming effect created by these 100% Organic Cotton masks will be most beneficial in soothing the anxiety and fear during basic medical examinations and procedures for children and the implementation of the new guidelines for children and teachers going back to school.


The high resolution photos for the masks are taken by the consumer, then sent and uploaded to our online website at checkout. These “Real Face” images can now be digitally printed on the adult or children size masks. You can now purchase our masks by using our online payment options listed in our check out instructions and sent directly to the address provided.

Life is too short not to “Create Smiles, Laughter, Safety and Fun” each and every day! Come enjoy the fun “Real Face” look with us, while being the first to experience this new concept.

Our sincere best wishes,

Your friends at Real Face Imaging