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关于公司About The Company – WELCOME

关于公司About The Company





作为一个白天小睡者和频繁的遥远的航空飞行者,我想我们的眼罩对大多数无聊的,负压的和忍受持久旅行的人来说将再次创造一个有趣和快乐的环境。 “Eyes in the Sky’s” 和 “Daytime Napper”将会成为小睡者和飞客的最佳礼物和快乐的必需品。

现在,当我注意到在这出生的婴儿,我设计了一款“印着婴儿自己照片的围嘴”。是可手洗的,有机纯棉的围嘴。这将会是未来几年里给有孩子的好朋友最棒的礼物。同时,我们已经开发出“Airline Pillow Case Face”航空脸枕套,用于套在航空公司的标准枕头上,让你感到愉悦。








你的朋友在Dalian Real Face Imaging






The Idea and Concept

When I moved to Dalian, China, from America, 4 years ago, I first noticed pollution masks being worn by thousands of people, mostly being woman. It intrigued me, as these beautiful women were suddenly faceless and seemingly devoid of personality and mood. As the majority of Asian women and men have beautiful faces and smiles, I felt that a face mask, with your  “Real Face” , printed on the front, would add Joy and Fun to the busy, hectic and sometimes dusty and polluted city street environment. I also expanded this line of thinking to the more serious environments, such as Hospitals, Dental Offices and even Nail Salons, where masks are necessary for good hygiene and sanitary practices. Our washable and re-usable masks could be applied to cover the necessary protective masks, required in each situation. The Happy and Calming effect created by these Organic Cotton over-lay masks would be most beneficial in soothing the anxiety and fear of basic medical examinations and the implementation of these various trades.

After numerous long flights back home, I expanded my product line to include sleeping mask with your real eyes printed on the mask, as well. As a daytime nap taker and frequent, as mentioned above,  long distant airline flyer, I thought our sleep masks would again create a Fun and Joyful environment on an otherwise boring, stressful and enduring trip for most people. The “Eyes in the Sky’s” and the “Daytime Napper” sleeping masks will make perfect gifts and fun necessities for the nap taker and flyer. Also, we have developed the “Airline Pillow Case Face” pillow case, to be used to create a friendly face to comfort you and cover the typical pillows handed out by the airlines.

Now finally, when noticing all the new babies being born here, I designed the perfect “Real Baby Face Bib”. This hand washable, Organic Cotton Bib, will make the perfect gift for all your friends having babies in the years to come. So basically, the “Real Face” concept expands the old basic forms of screen printing, iron on and artistic drawings on Masks, Pillow cases and Bibs, to real live digital “Real Face” photos being transferred through our online website. These high resolution photos are taken by the consumer and sent to our online website. These “Real Face” images can now be matched and digitally printed on the items that have been created for our product line. You can now pay, by using our online payment companies, listed in our check out instructions and sent directly to the address provided.

Life is too short not to “Create Smiles, Laughter and Fun” each and everyday! Come enjoy the fun “Real Face” look with us, while being the first to experience this new concept.

Our sincere best wishes,

Your friends at Dalian Real Face Imaging